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Explore all our Warehouse & Supply Chain Services

Stock Taking in the Warehouse
Warehouse Workers
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Warehouse Design & Layout Analysis

Our team undertakes projects to assess capacity, provide operational warehouse design, review and improve existing operations, and advise specifications, and most importantly, execute to deliver on budget and on time.

Our consultation includes:

  • Design layout analysis 

  • Customer product mix evaluation

  • SKU optimization

  • Inbound & Outbound analysis

  • Inventory Management

  • 5s Methodology Integration

  • Rack & Equipment Evaluation

Specialty Inspection & Warehouse Projects

Warehouse Maintenance

  • Warehouse flooring repairs centered around cracks/holes from previous rack installations and or dismantles, safety railing, modular constructions etc. 

Permit Retrieval​

  • Assistance with retrieving permits directly from the city courthouse.


  • Post Install Concrete Anchor Inspections

    • Mechanical & Adhesive​

Warehouse Security

  • Security guard and security patrol services

Supply Chain Analysis

Logistics Consultation​

  • Evaluate supply chain processes to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Analyze supply chain data and assess risks

  • Develop cost-effective solutions to optimize logistical efficiency.

  • Oversee the implementation of improvement plans, as well as providing guidance and support

  • Evaluate the impact of improvement strategies and advise adjustments as needed.

  • Document improvement plans, setting deadlines and monitoring progress.

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